When we first came up with an idea about developing a call solution for chat and messaging platforms, we had a clear goal: to create a fluent omnichannel experience by eliminating the detachment between written communication channels and audio / video calling.

Our integrations with live chat platforms, like LiveChat and Intercom, have provided businesses with an entirely novel way to interact with their users. We enabled a seamless transition from a written conversation to an audio or video call directly inside the chat widget with just one click.

Calling inside the chat has quickly become a vital customer communication channel for many businesses. As we observed companies using our plugins for LiveChat and Intercom, we noticed some recurrent situations where our solution was of most value.

So let us share three real-world examples of how businesses use our integrations with chat platforms to achieve significant customer support and sales goals.

Handling complex user interactions faster

Written communication channels are advantageous in situations where it takes just a couple of user interactions to get a question answered or an issue resolved. However, some cases require much more time and effort to ensure a positive customer experience.

According to the analysis based on how companies are using the SnapCall solution for chat platforms, switching to a call effectively decreases Average Handle Time (AHT) in complex customer support cases. Situations, where customers had multiple questions or needed to be guided through a complicated setup, had proven to be resolved more efficiently when voice channel was involved in the process.

Likewise, the possibility to get on a call right inside the chat turned out to boost efficiency for sales teams. SnapCall helps optimize the sales funnel by ensuring the elimination of any friction points in communication. Conversions are much more likely to happen here and now when prospects can get all their questions answered swiftly as well as over the channel they prefer. Also, having live conversations makes it a lot easier for your sales team to convince users to buy and create long-lasting relationships.

Promoting new features and products

When developing a new product or communicating about the latest features, businesses aim to make the benefits of these updates crystal clear to their customers. Some updates are straightforward, and their adoption doesn’t require any onboarding. However, you might want to invest in educating your users about changes that are not so self-explanatory and might even bring confusion if not presented plainly.

But setting up meetings with each customer to introduce them to the recent update can be highly unproductive and even impossible if you’re a B2C business. So what are the best practices to promote new products and features according to the companies using our solution for live chat?

Here’s the answer we got in the majority of cases – the key to successful communication about the product changes consists of two components:

1. Choosing the right place and timing to communicate about the changes and the benefits they bring
2. Providing a possibility to contact your team effortlessly and via the channel preferred by the customer

The first part depends on the situation – your product, your customer base, and the changes you want to communicate about. For example, if you’re a SaaS company that just launched an update, improving how your customers build their marketing campaigns, you might want to set up a short virtual onboarding, showing what has been changed.

When we talk about providing customers with the to choose the channel through which they prefer to learn more about your product changes and new features, that’s where SnapCall comes into play.

Once more, if your customer has a quick question or wants to double-check whether they got the new update right, the chat is probably the most effective way to support them. However, if your customer needs a broader explanation of the new feature or prefers to be guided through a new setup, jumping on a call right inside the chat might be a better idea.

Switching to live conversation inside the chat will also provide your team with the possibility to highlight the advantages of the new product or feature and make sure customers clearly understand your value proposition.

Keeping things fully confidential

With a growing public understanding of how powerful personal data is and the threats that may arise when it falls into the wrong hands, users want to stay safe online and share as little information about themselves as possible.

However, when it comes to customer support and sales, most companies need user data to better serve their customers. Customer identification, purchasing process, getting in touch with a business – these are just a couple of situations where sensitive personally identifiable information is involved in customer-business interactions.

Companies using our integration with chat platforms have shared that the majority of their customers feel much safer sharing personal data, such as their full name, address and especially, credit card details, over the call. Typing such information and sending it as a chat message can make customers feel anxious and even revoke their intention to buy.

Since the SnapCall solution is fully embedded inside chat platforms, calls are happening right within the chat widget, and no phone numbers need to be shared between your team and the customer.  Therefore, your team has full confidentiality when getting on a call with a customer. Also, you can be sure that customers won’t be able to reach back out when you’re not at work or not available.


While developing a call solution for chat platforms, our team aimed to create seamless omnichannel communication between businesses and their clients. As we acquired our first customers, we started to gather feedback on how companies are making the most of calling inside the chat.

Being able to sign sales deals and solve delicate customer support cases faster, effortlessly promoting new products and features as well as benefiting from the confidentiality offered by our solution were amongst the most common answers. We continue to ask for feedback on the SnapCall solution for chat and collect best practices on how businesses benefit from it.

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