Find out in this video excerpt from the webinar, how smart customer support software can help you when dealing with customer issues that are complex, require the involvement of several teams or third-parties.

During the Webinar "How to Know When Phone Support Is the Best Option for Your Customer", Mathias from the Support Driven community asked us:

" Most of our customers’ queries are complex and cannot be resolved during one call as it requires involvement of other teams and investigations with third parties. Any tips how to handle this? How to handle escalations? "

Dave Dyson (Senior Customer Service Evangelist at Zendesk), Mark Bangerter (Director of Support at ClickFunnels) and Alessandro Angioni (Business Account Manager & Analyst at Azimo) weighted in on:

  • How to handle effectively customer's queries that are complex.
  • How to handle customer issues that require the involvement of other teams and third parties.
  • How to deal with those queries internally within their team.
  • How to acknowledge it and the best way to communicate with the customer.
  • Which other support channels they use for these type of queries.

Check an excerpt video from the webinar:

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