In this excerpt video from our webinar, understand how to respond to customer complaints more effectively by leveraging the phone support channel, especially when there is urgency.

During the Webinar, Jen from the Support Driven community asked:

" We don’t offer phone support currently, but we have a number of customers who are frustrated about this, specially if a urgent email is not answered right away. Any thought on this? "

Check the response here:


- Mark Bangerter, Director of Support, ClickFunnels

- Alessandro Angioni, Business Account Manager & Analyst, Azimo

- Dave Dyson, Senior Customer Service Evangelist, Zendesk

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We don’t offer phone support currently, but we do have a number of customers who get frustrated about this, especially if their urgent email is not answered right away.

Mark Bangerter

This comes back to what I mentioned previously. We noticed that a lot of customers expressed the wish to receive support by phone, but only about 25% of those customers actually call us now that we do offer this support option. All in all, customers really want fast response time, so if you have enough staff to answer the phone, it is really fast and makes customers satisfied and overall it creates a better customer experience.

Alessandro Angioni

Having a voice support option helps customers to have a choice simply. We had complaints about not offering phone support on our social media channels and we decided that we want to address these complaints by providing customers with phone support. If a customer has an urgent issue and would like to talk to us, it’s important for Azimo to offer this option. We noticed the increase in trust that our customers have on the service that we provide. So even if voice support doesn’t help to solve the issue within one call in all cases, it has many positive sides to implement this solution.