As widely known, 20% of your top best customers generate 80% of your sales or revenues. Those can be quite few but their weight on your revenue equation is quite important without a doubt. Since they are pretty important you would want to always provide the best customer service and just be around the corner for them, right?

Another common shared wisdom is that it can cost five times as much to acquire new customers versus retaining existing ones. Sometimes you could save that money easily by providing a good customer service in your mobile application just for these super gold customers.

Easiest way to exchange with premium customers to help them is to have a call without constraint and additional costs, no matter where they are in the world. This experience would be even better if this kind of call service is seamless integrated on your own application.

Today you have two options to provide this kind of vocal service: phone number or digital call. Let's compare a phone number experience with digital call solution embedded in an app. We will do this comparison with two very nice apps for money transfer: Azimo and other FinTech app.

Azimo use SnapCall SDK and the other FinTech app, use a local phone number for user support.

1) Customer service call in mobile app:

Just a call button for Azimo [Call us], it is disabled because we are out of working hour. In the other FinTech app we are also out of working hour (red message notify us) but we can still click on the phone number and launch the call.

We can imagine that Azimo display the call button only for premium customers, this stuff would be harder for the other FinTech app because of the phone number being spread everywhere on the website or app.

Last detail, the other FinTech app give us our user id (blue square) to spell to the agent for identification. Azimo transfer this id directly with the call. Time saving for Azimo during the call.

2) Customer service call interface in mobile app:

As other FinTech app use a phone number we left the app and this is the standard IOS phone app used. For Azimo, we are still on the app and call is managed in the same way as we are with the phone app.

Extra costs could apply for the other FinTech app case if you are not in the good country. Also they would need to buy local numbers, could be difficult for a company, I wrote a post about that.

For Azimo, all the calls are digitals and answered by Zendesk agents (no need of local phone numbers and no extra call cost for the customer).

3) Customer service call rating in mobile app:

Azimo app

At the end of the call Azimo provide a rating panel to check if the issue is solved and to assess the call quality. Other FinTech app could send by mail a survey to know your satisfaction about that call.

Providing a smart call button, your would be able to enable it only on working hours and according to your customer segmentation. Comparing to a phone number you will decrease your inbound calls up to 80% and increase your customer satisfaction by 30%.

Create a SnapCall free account and test SnapCall SDK to build quickly a cool call user interface - only available to your most valuable customers.