2020 is already a very different year for all of us. For the past couple of months, companies all over the world have been trying to take their business online and find new, more effective ways to connect with their customers. While trying to comfort their customers within this unusual setting, many businesses find themselves with the need to economize customer support.

Providing great customer support and saving on it at the same time? This sounds like an impracticable duality. Nevertheless, it's rather possible with the right tools. If your company is offering phone support for its' customers or you have recently started thinking about this channel of communication, you already know how expensive it is.

Here's why:

  1. Purchasing a call center solution is highly costly; companies have to pay for each agent seat no matter how much a particular agent is using the solution.
  2. If your business is operating in different countries or even continents, it's expensive to purchase local phone numbers in all the destinations. Also, due to strict telco regulations in most countries, you're only able to buy a local phone number where your business has a physical presence.
  3. Minutes are billed separately – you have already bought an expensive call center solution for each of your agents, paid for local phone numbers, but that's not it. As usual, in the traditional phone support channels, you are also billed for each minute your agents spend on the phone with customers. It depends on the industry, product, or service of your business is offering, but according to the market research, the average duration of a customer support call is 6 minutes.

We know this sounds terrifying, but that's the reality of providing traditional phone support to your customers – no surprise, many companies are giving up this channel. However, this is a considerable loss. Customers are continuously expressing their wish to talk to a real person when facing a question or a problem. Therefore voice remains an important channel, having a great advantage of creating a personal connection and a strong relationship.

SnapCall wants you to use voice and nurture a long-lasting connection with your customers. We understand your need to economize and have a solution here.

We have created this survey for you to provide us with the necessary information about phone support in your company. Let us know how many agents you have, how many calls/month you receive, and we'll come back to you with the proposal on how SnapCall can help you save up to 70% on phone support.

How are we able to do so?

  1. The pricing of SnapCall is clear and transparent: we are offering four subscription plans to choose from, depending on the number of calls your team receives per month. It doesn't matter how many agents are picking up the phone and how long the calls are.
  2. No phone numbers needed. SnapCall is a fully digital voice solution. The customer launches a call directly from your website or mobile application anywhere in the world, completely free of charge. The agent picks up the call on the digital platform. We are integrated with Zendesk, Aircall and new cool integrations are coming up this summer!
  3. Reduce the number of inbound calls by focusing on the most important customers. Would you like to provide phone support to only VIP or other particular segment of customers? SnapCall makes it possible to choose which customers get to call you and where does the call button appear.

Prefer to talk and get a demo? Book one here or reach out to sales@snapcall.io.