Zendesk Talk allows you to manage inbound and outbound calls with phone numbers in some countries where you want your support to be fully available

Today you can also start receiving calls in countries where you still do not have full support, by simply integrating SnapCall to this workflow.

SnapCall allows you to receive calls directly from your website or application in Zendesk, without the need of any phone number. One smart button does all the job, this is the new VoIP business phone system.

Once your customers click on the SnapCall button located anywhere in your website, you receive your calls on Zendesk. Easy and hassle-free!

Issue 1: too many calls

Having a phone number in your website gives your brand social proof and trustworthiness, even in the era of social media and chatbots. Customers are keener to hop on calls since its the most efficient channel to solve complex issues, but it can quickly become unmanageable as companies scale.

For this reason the SnapCall smart voice support feature allows Zendesk agents to keep receiving calls but filtering them according to multiple criteria:

  • Customer journey

Improve customer experience by only being reachable at the key times of the customer journey: select the pages where the smart button should be displayed.

  • Customer attributed value

Choose who gets support according to their intent: Offer voice support only for high value transactions or purchases.

  • Customer segmentation and profile

Offer support only to a portion of your customers: offer voice support only to identified customers or selected personas.

  • Team availability

Offer voice support only when you are available: switch on and off your call buttons as much as you want or need to.

Using SnapCall with Zendesk Talk as a new voip business phone system will allow you to filter inbound calls and maintain a healthy NPS

Issue 2: trouble getting phone numbers in certain countries

To be closer to your customers and for them to actually be able to reach out, local numbers are a must. Due to recent laws being enforced in countries like Germany or the U.K, offering local support (displaying a phone number) means you need to have a local and physical presence. It can be quite tricky for some companies and startups to achieve so, when they operate in multiple markets.

What’s next then?

Integrating SnapCall to your Zendesk Talk solution, you would be able to display just one call button (a virtual phone number) and route each call to the appropriate team in the relevant market. If your customers are calling you from Germany, they will be directed to the team that can give them the support they need, improving customer experience.

It’s that simple 💪

And there is more to discover

Make sure to check all the additional features and things you are able to achieve using SnapCall + Zendesk Talk*!

  1. Start by creating your SnapCall account here to test the new voip business phone system for free
  2. Download SnapCall App for Zendesk here

You are all set to go!

*you will need also a Zendesk Talk Partner Edition licence.