One of the main challenges of voice support are missed calls. When you finally take the decision to open this powerful channel using virtual business phone and be closer to your customers, you need to be aware of what is happening in real time with those conversations, and how they are being managed. Not addressing properly your customer, could end up affecting your precious NPS and damaging the overall customer experience.

So... How can you decrease the amount of missed calls, boost your NPS and deliver an exceptional customer experience?

Here's how...

1. Choose a seamless and powerful customer support tool

Our golden choice is Zendesk Support. If you want to ace the customer experience you need to talk to the experts here and Zendesk allows you to put in place a simple but powerful system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets.

2. Go smarter on voice - (that phone number on your website won't make the cut)

In order to successfully track, analyze and establish a flexible workaround on call activity, you need a smarter channel:

Yes, the answer is go all the way digital!

By super-powering your Zendesk support with SnapCall, you would not only be able to receive calls from anywhere in the world just with one digital call button as a virtual business phone, but also receive those calls on your Zendesk support platform, filter them and track what you could't track before.

Once you put in place SnapCall app on your Zendesk support, your agents would be able to pick up calls coming from your website or application. The best part of it, it's that you would be able to automatically create tickets for ALL inbound calls. Generated tickets allows you to easily track, search and share valuable insights about your customer's behavior.

When we say ALL calls we mean it. Even the ones that were never made:

Here's what you would be able to track using Zendesk + SnapCall:

  • Call Attempts : when your customer clicks to make the call but hangs up quickly. In this case the call is never made.
  • Dropped calls : when your customer calls but hangs up before any agent get the chance to answer. In this case the call is made.
  • Missed calls:  when your customer calls, stays on the line but all your agents are busy.
  • Picked-up calls: when your customer calls and is picked up by an agent.

3. Get handy with data

Each ticket is filled up with valuable information about the customer and their customer journey. This is not your traditional call, but one with data:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Location
  • Visited page
  • Items and value of their shopping cart

All these valuable informations give you the opportunity to deliver personalized support and also:

  • Call back the customers that didn't get the chance to talk to you -  'missed calls' tickets.
  • Create automatic email campaigns when a customer leaves your website at a specific page, for example when you put in place an offer or special discount. - 'call attempts' tickets.

All these virtual business phone tickets generated by Zendesk are a huge source of valuable data, not only for your support team but also for Marketing and Sales teams. Creating new opportunities for lead generation and assessing your website/app conversions 💸.

We recommend leveraging your  Zendesk triggers, macros and automations to put in place smart workflows and having a clear view on your actionable data.